EURUS Capital

Private equity

The merchant banking division of Eurus Capital specializes in joint venture partnerships:
- with multinationals looking for a well-connected financially secure local partner

Our Joint Venture and Strategic Alliance practice facilitates relationships between foreign companies and local CIS firms.

Eurus Capital also has a dedicated multidisciplinary team in Ukraine and Poland advising on “greenfield” investment projects.


As mentioned in the News section between 2009 and 2011 Eurus Capital invested its own funds in 2 private equity ventures. Firstly, the company financed the start-up of Lilou Sp. z o.o. - personalized hand made jewellery producing and distribution company and took over 45% of its shares. Lilou was created in Poland in 2008, and from the beginning it pretended to become a well recognized jewellery brand, well known not only on the Polish market but also abroad. Eurus Capital with its resources and consultancy helped Lilou to strengthen the brand and to expand through the world of fashion. It resulted in building of a strong network of loyal clients and in opening of 7 exclusive boutiques in the biggest cities all over the country. The brand Lilou with the support of Eurus Capital continues to grow, constantly expanding its range and scope.


In August 2011, Eurus Capital invested its own capital in the acquisition of 60% of the shares in the company OsmozaCare. On the Polish pharmaceutical market OsmozaCare is at once a producer under its own label and also a distributor of the foreign innovative hygienic and care products. OsmozaCare cooperates with the international pharma corporations and distributes their products to a wide range of pharmacies, sport stores and drugstores. OsmozaCare focuses only on OTC drugs, nutri-drugs and nutri-cosmetics, very innovative, like the products of the French Biopharme Laboratoires.




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